The Forum’s 2020 Presidential Election Preview

This year promises to present a presidential election quite unlike any other in American history: an election that will occur in the midst of a global pandemic and continuing efforts by Russian intelligence operatives to interfere in the democratic process.  Regardless of political affiliation, it is important for voters (and law students, in particular) toContinue reading “The Forum’s 2020 Presidential Election Preview”

Legal Issues Abound as 2020 Election Approaches, Justice Barrett Takes the Bench

By Michael S. Dauber Presidential election years are typically filled with newsworthy events, highly visible debates, and the occasional October surprise.  But the 2020 Presidential election will occur in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed well over 200,000 Americans, adding a plethora of logistical issues to a process that already requires significantContinue reading “Legal Issues Abound as 2020 Election Approaches, Justice Barrett Takes the Bench”

Are You Okay?

By Heather Lewin Before last semester’s abrupt transfer online due to COVID-19, my daily routine began like this: get up, drink coffee, go to the gym, shower, put on makeup, get dressed, and leave for school. Now, my wardrobe mainly consists of pajamas and sweatpants, and my face hasn’t seen a lick of makeup inContinue reading “Are You Okay?”

“These Are Strange Times”: Classes Resume at St. John’s Amidst Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

By Matt Dean & Michael S. Dauber The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of modern life in every corner of the globe. As of this writing, the cumulative number of global cases has exceeded 44.3 million, and the virus has claimed well over 1.1 million lives worldwide. The United States leads the worldContinue reading ““These Are Strange Times”: Classes Resume at St. John’s Amidst Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic”

Mary Metlay Kaufman ‘37 and The Seeds of Her Radical Advocacy

By Jay Hedges I hope you will join with me when I say: I reject the tolerance of corruption in government. I reject the notion that I sit idly by while our cities rot; our minority people are oppressed, our elderly demeaned by semi-starvation and pauperism. I reject the inhuman and amoral values which dominateContinue reading “Mary Metlay Kaufman ‘37 and The Seeds of Her Radical Advocacy”

November Virtual Pizza Social Events

Your faculty and administration want to provide spaces where you can connect with us (and each other!) in a non-academic context. We have arranged “Pizza Social Hours” on varying topics throughout the remainder of the semester. All participants will have the option to receive a personal pizza delivered to them to enjoy during the event.Continue reading “November Virtual Pizza Social Events”


By Alexander Zedlovich In May of 2019, Janet DiFiore, a St. John’s law graduate and Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, announced an initiative for presumptive early alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) in an effort to boost efficiency in resolving civil cases within the state.  Recognizing that parties settle more often than not,Continue reading “PRESUMPTIVE ADR PRESENTS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR LAW STUDENTS”

3Ls Present Note Topics on Criminal Developments at “The Criminal Edge” Event

By Eva-Maria Ghelardi On October 5, 2020, the St. John’s Chapter of the Historical Society of the New York Courts hosted “The Criminal Edge: New York Courts and 21st Century Justice,” the first panel of its kind showcasing the note research of Amelia Bayroff, Melissa Capalbo, Matt Cleaver, Michael Dauber, and Alex Karambelas. Each presentationContinue reading “3Ls Present Note Topics on Criminal Developments at “The Criminal Edge” Event”

Lunch in the Age of Corona

By Eric Dang At the mouth of a five-car-long dead-end street off of Hillside Avenue rests the humble flagship of Halalbee’s.  Established in December of 2018, the corner location’s broad windows and bright blue exterior embody the “before-times”—the days before COVID—when indoor seating and throngs of people would certainly have crowded the restaurant, looking for theirContinue reading “Lunch in the Age of Corona”