On a warm and sunny Saturday in early September, what felt like almost half of the second and third year classes of St. John’s Law turned out to two softball fields in Cunningham Park to support their journals and clubs. With each player adorned in their respective artistically-designed jersey, the annual softball tournament has turnedContinue reading “JCRED SHOCKS THE SCHOOL, TAKES SOFTBALL TITLE”

Vectors in Memory: Contemplating the Legal Aspects of Preservation

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” Cast in grey steel re-forged from metal recovered of the Twin Towers, Virgil’s immortal words hold a solemn vigil over the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Framed by 2,983 squares, each a unique shade of blue and representing each of the fallen victims ofContinue reading “Vectors in Memory: Contemplating the Legal Aspects of Preservation”